Tis’ the season for strawberry picking.

imageIt’s finally summer and with that brings the season for strawberries. This was our first year (ever) strawberry picking. It’s hard for me to believe. We have ventured to pick  apples and pumpkins, but never strawberries. The kids and I have tried growing plants, buying local farm fresh strawberries, but today topped it all! We rode a tractor out to the strawberry fields and that in itself may have  been the highlight of the trip. I have never seen my daughter consume so much fruit. It goes to show how delicious and different tasting fresh produce is. The color of the strawberries and their taste is pure joy. I could smell the strawberries as soon as the tractor approached the field.  If you live within driving distance to a farm the offers strawberry picking jump on the opportunity. I am thrilled we finally did! My kids will be talking about today for months maybe even years to come. Happy picking!

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