Embracing September

Labor day for me marks the end of my favorite season, summer. This year I refuse to get the September Blues. I am putting my best foot forward and focusing on fitness, fashion, and “firsts” this fall…

FITNESS: With both my little ones in school I have secured 4 mornings a week to exercise without involving daycare or sitters. While the weather cooperates I like to hit the open road and get a good power walk or run in. A 4 mile minimum. Tuesdays is my new Sculpting day at the gym. I took an amazing class this morning and I’m questioning whether or not I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. It was that good! I have also found something besides ice coffee to be addicted to. Have you tried Aloe Water? It is sweet, refreshing and aids in digestion. I am always looking for new ways to trick myself into staying hydrated. Give it a try.

FASHION: This year I am giving “September Blues” a new meaning. Beautiful pops of blue are trending this fall and I am a big fan of that color palate. When I think of fall I think of wearing amazing new pair of jeans, good hair weather, leather boots, and a soft sweater. Warm days, cool nights, and a fresh start to the year! For me, the new year always feels like it begins in September not January.

FIRSTS: I have a kindergartener now so trust me, I am experiencing many firsts. We are on week #2 of school and I’ve already joined the PTO, become my son’s kindergarten Room Parent, and am counting the days until I can get into the classroom and spy, I mean volunteer! As a teacher turned full time parent it is driving wild that my son is so quiet about his school day. I want details! Starting the school year has been an emotional journey, but one we are ready for.

Fall is here whether we like it or not and I am it’s new biggest fan. Did I mention I love football?


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