Lilly Pulitzer for Target

imageThis morning I got in line at my local Target for the much anticipated launch of the Lilly Pulitzer line. I arrived 30 minutes before the store opened. There were about 25 people ahead of me and by 7:56am there were about 70 people behind me.

The doors opened promptly at 8:00am and we charged in. I went straight to women’s section which was wiped clean within a minute. Seriously. From there I ran to kids and toddlers where I picked up a few dresses and several bathing suits. The prints where so adorable. That classic Lilly Pulitzer, but for a fraction of the cost. The bathing suits $16 and the dresses $20! Unheard of.
I’ve never been a part of a launch like this. I had a plan in mind and was able to grab what I wanted and a little of what I didn’t so I could trade with other shoppers if they had what I was looking for. That was my tactic. I hadn’t exactly planned on bartering, but it worked! As I was checking out and making my final decision there was a woman in front of me with three little girls. I passed along a couple matching dresses for her little ladies and the swimwear I knew wouldn’t fit my own little lady. She was so happy and so was I. I wanted everyone to leave with a little something who waited in line, but obviously that didn’t happen for everyone. The home section was cleared out just as fast as the women’s. Beautiful towels, teak beach chairs, and cushions were there one minute and gone the next. These shoppers were on a mission.


It was a great morning rush of shopping! My daughter made out like a bandit and I got a couple things for myself too. The prices of Lilly Pulitzer at Target you cannot beat. People asked if I was going to sell the items I got on eBay. That just isn’t my style. I shop to wear not to sell. I bought things for all the little ladies near and dear to me. The items I didn’t take I gave to other shoppers (who looked like they won the jackpot when I passed them along).

This exclusive line of Lilly Pulitzer for Target was sold out online and in stores within minutes! It was a shopping experience I won’t soon forget. One I set an alarm for, stood in line for, and smart shopped for. Here is to summer of amazing Lilly Pulitzer prints and impeccable colorful style!


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