Bikinis by “OP” Ocean Pacific

imageFinally, bikini weather! It has been the longest winter here on the east coast and now it’s time to shed layers and enjoy this short, but amazing summer we have! I remember wearing OP (Ocean Pacific) when I was kid. The suit were similar to what they are now. Fun and bright colors. When I became a mother I bought their swim shirts for my son. They were great colors, fun prints, and affordable enough that I could buy several so once they got wet and I had a chilly beach or poolside baby I could swap a wet one for a dry! As an adult, I don’t think I ever looked to Ocean Pacific for beach wear for myself. I tend to shop for my bikinis at J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret, Land’s End, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, but I came across these Ocean Pacific suits while shopping at Walmart for party supplies! I cannot say enough about these mix and match bikinis. They are comfortable, made of good quality fabric, supportive for a top (which is necessary), and priced perfectly. You can buy a few to mix and match and do what I did when my son was little. Throw a few in your tote so you have a dry suit after a swim! I wore a few different suits over Memorial Day weekend and everyone asked where I got them. When I answered Walmart they flipped!  Summer is here and the season is short so go get an OP suit today and see for yourself what I’m talking about.


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