Kona Ice

imageBefore yesterday I had never heard of or seen a Kona Ice truck. Wow, was I missing something! It was a good day to be a kid yesterday. The Kona Ice truck stopped by my son’s first swim meet and the kids and I were blown away. First, I should say I am used to being talked into buying an $10 snow cone at the circus or some other type of venue. Ice that is way over priced. To my surprise the ice cones from Kona Ice are $2.00 for a perfectly sized cup.  The kids got to flavor this own ice cone with a variety of liquid flavors.  They couldn’t believe it! It was such a bonus and they loved deciding on flavors. I think they tested everyone! You can have a Kona Ice truck come to your child’s birthday party at your own home.  I think I’ll try talking my kiddos into that as opposed to going to Chuck E. Cheese for our next party! We are big fans of Kona Ice. Go find a truck in your location today!



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