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imageNothing says summer like a day at the Popponesset Beach. Having lived on the Cape for almost a decade, welcoming both my babies there, and making some amazing friends, it just felt like going home yesterday. The Popponesset is pure heaven! Yesterday morning the kids and I hit the road around 9:30am and were on the beach by 11am with the best company ever.

I loved watching my little ones let loose. My son swam with his buddy straight from the car in his clothes! The feel of the sand at Wilson Grove’s private beach is awesome. The grains of sand are a little bigger and are still soft in between your toes. The water was warm and we stayed on the beach until dinner. The friendships between the children and seeing them interact like no time had passed is amazing to witness. Friends are friends no matter if you see them every day or a couple times a year.

I am blessed to have two very dear friends (who happened to be sisters) that feel like my own siblings. No matter our travels in life the Cape is our anchor, our bond. It is a place I will always call home because it is where I became a mother and made family.  Thank you to my two best girls for such an amazing day together in our favorite place. We may be miles apart, but the Cape is our pow wow and you two are my rock.  I’ll travel to California and Ohio in a heartbeat to visit and you know that we will spend many more beach days to come together in this place we have all called “HOME.”

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