9/11 “Thoughts to end your day with.”

september11A friend of mine posted this of Facebook today. It was written last year by a person named Josh Henderson. Reading this post changed me.  Josh is right. Every word of this is true. Life is precious, short, valuable, and irreplaceable. Don’t live with regret. It’s never too late to start anew, pursue a dream, fall in love. And it is SO important to tell those you love exactly how you feel. I whisper to my children every night before bed and shout to them every morning as I  drop them off at school “Mommy LOVES you.” I would say 90% of my phone calls end with those three words. I-LOVE-YOU. I say it because I mean it and it matters. I urge you to do the same. Whisper, speak, shout to your loved ones…the message is clear. Cherish your loved ones and your life because you never know what tomorrow has in store for you.



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