A parent’s love

Edited (43)It’s funny how even in the adult years a mother still wants to protect their child. As parents, we have hopes, dreams, opinions, and concerns for our children that are no different when they become adults. I understand that, in fact, I know I’ll be exactly the same way with my little boy thirty years from now. Actually, I’ll be that way forever with my both of my children.

I think as parents we never stop wanting happiness for our children. We want to raise kind and intelligent little humans who turn into kind and intelligent adults. My goal is to always allow my children to experience life. While I’m behind the scenes trying my hardest to protect them from anything that may go awry, of course! What I’ve learned in adulthood and motherhood is the reality about things going awry is those are the things in life that teach us, give us strength, fuel are determination to do better, be smarter, kinder people no matter age.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and my children do to. Life is about learning how to offer it and protect it. Life is about balancing our dreams and fears. Learning to love and trust, but being smart enough to have the awareness that not everyone is built that way. As parents, it’s about us knowing when to trust our children, but always being ready to jump in when duty calls. So to the mothers (parents) out there who want the very best for their children regardless of their age, I do to. I hope to learn from you, be inspired by you and trust that this kind of  love never wavers.

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