Happy Birthday Mom

Mom, you raised two little girls alone. You gave us the world when you weren’t certain what tomorrow would bring. You taught us that love wins, that words don’t break you, that strong is beautiful, and that second chances sometimes are even better than first. “No” was not in your vocabulary. You encouraged me to love and learn, to wear my heart on my sleeve. You showed me that with each step I took in life you would let me lead the way, but follow close behind me. You listened and watched. You supported and loved. And just when I thought I was alone, you were there to catch me if I stumbled and to push me forward when I hesitated. Because you believed in me, I believe in angels. I believe in miracles. I believe in family. I believe in blessings. I believe in destiny. I believe in love. I believe in heroes. I believe in all of those things because they embody YOU. I am ME because of YOU. Today and always I am grateful for the woman you are. You were my very first friend and continue to be my best one. I am so lucky to love you. xxx

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