11 Things Every Woman Should Know…

Being a woman isn’t always easy, but it is a gift. I love being a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and partner. I believe in women supporting other women. I follow the Power of Positivity in my social media news feed and when I saw their post on Monday morning, I knew that is was worth sharing.

There is truth in the statements below. You don’t know what anyone feels unless you walk a day in their shoes (or heels). Insecurity can get the best of us. Myself included. Please take the time to READ THIS and to tell the women in your life that you love them. It’s goes so much further then you know. KNOW YOUR WORTH. INVEST TIME IN THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT. EMBRACE YOUR WEAKNESSES. In the end we are responsible for what creates our STRENGTH.

11 Things Every Woman Should Know

1.) Everyone has some rolls when they bend over. Love your body.
2.) Showing your emotions is a sign of strength, not weakness.
3.) Seek respect not attention. It lasts longer.
4.) Even the most beautiful people wake up with bed head.
5.) You should be a priority. Not an option or a backup plan.
6.) For every woman who wishes they didn’t have a stretch mark, there is a woman who wishes they did.
7.) Always trust your womanly instinct.
8.) We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together.
9.) It’s not how big or clean the house is, it’s how happy the home is.
10.) You are a Goddess. Embrace it!
11.) When someone tells you, “You’re beautiful,” believe them. They mean it.
“Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Do good for others. Everything comes back.” -Power of Positivity

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