Don’t let your mind bully your body

Mondays always come quick and I tend to get overwhelmed at the week ahead. It’s easy to let our mind bully our body. Toss and turn at night and wake in the morning feeling tired and a little blue. The Monday blues are real. Our minds and bodies are so deeply connected that stress can be felt in every inch of us. This morning I’m stuck thinking “what can I do to change this?” NOTHING…..I don’t need to change anything, I need to accept it. I am going to be human. Accept that I’m not perfect. I’m not going to ruin today by thinking about things I could have done differently yesterday. I am going to disconnect from my mind from time to time this week. Allow myself to feel vulnerable. Take the time I need out of my day to go for a walk, eat something of sustenance, take a deep breath, call a friend.  Once my mind is clear I’m going to focus on my strengths. If success seems unlikely this week I am going to push even harder for it. I measure my success by looking at what my children and loved ones have gained from it. I don’t do only what gets measured. So much happens behind the scenes and I’m not looking for credit. I’m looking for happiness.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place and you think you’ve been buried, you’ve actually been planted.” Make this week a peaceful one. Accept what you cannot change and embrace what you can.

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