Eating my way through Providence, RI

“The 50 Best Places to Eat in Providence, RI Before You Die….”

And I’ve eaten my way through only 17 of them! How can this be? I quickly scanned the list and my Instagram to see where my appetite has taken me since moving back to my home state of Rhode Island three short years ago. I may be a small person, but I have a big appetite! I can’t wait to put the remaining 33 restaurants on my 2017 Foodie Bucket list.  Below is my list of conquered restaurants. You can click the link and see where you need to dine in Providence RI before you die!


My conquered list:

Al Forno

Waterman Grille

Caserta Pizzeria

Haven Bros. Diner

Pizzico Ristorante

Seven Stars Bakery

Trattoria Zooma

Ken’s Ramen

Broadway Bistro

Circe Restaurant & Bar

The Malted Barley

La Creperie

Pastiche Fine Desserts

Milk Money RI

Pane E Vino

Jacky’s Waterplace

Providence Oyster Bar

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