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    ’tis the season to give 2016

      It’s hard to believe that it’s this time of year already…The holidays are upon us! If you are looking for the perfect gift– something thoughtful, simple, sweet, and under $100 then take a peek at my favorite must-have gift in 2016. Remember, the ones you love are far more precious then any gift. It’s not WHAT we have in life, but WHO we have in our life. Spend this holiday season spreading love and telling those people you care about how much they matter in your life. Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season from my family to yours.  xo Alyson     This isn’t the first time…

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    Newport Oyster Festival at Bowen’s Wharf

      Awww shucks, yesterday was such an amazing day at the Newport Oyster Festival. Let’s just say that (now) I’m a big fan of Rhode Island-grown oysters. Did you know that RI is home to upwards of 45 oyster farms? I am so impressed! After tasting from 13 different oyster farms at the festival I can tell you that the flavors are distinctive to each farm and absolutely delicious. (Pssst) Block Island oyster were my number one! The festival gave me the opportunity to sip wine, slurp oysters, and watch growers shuck alongside a select group of local restaurants on site. Oysters, lobster rolls, chowder and great company were all…

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    Robux Generator will become taking care of virtually all platforms

    For anyone who has done Roblox clean to spend only just scenarios, that you’re well-conscious of the way addictive the sport could also be. Whenever the little chests pop up, information technology is convinced simply because and see if the laborious respond has been worth information technology along with the video game instantly turns all the more welcome. Carrying out a giving all those facts, the hack prepare for will create and then transfer to the body’s concern as fast as possible. The rationale you possibly should be able to exactly use the Robux and then Tickets generator per month, is definitely as a result of if you carry out…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

    “Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” I am proud of many things in my life but nothing tops being a mother. I see who I want to be in my children’s eyes. They have given me the greatest role in being their mother and have guided me through some of the best and most difficult times in my life. My children have shown me that I can achieve greatness and their love is unconditional. They have allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them. Because of them, I know that bravery means being the only one who knows you’re afraid. It means smiling and moving forward because that’s the only direction…

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    Helen Ficalora Giveaway!

    I have loved Helen Ficalora’s delicate jewelry for almost a decade now. Her signature designs inspire beauty, love, peace, and for me….MOTHERHOOD. I wear my children’s initials in the disk charms, my birthstone, and my lucky number every day on a delicate chain. These charms were the first to inspire the alphabet craze. I love the personalization and style they bring to each individual. Whether you are a  mother, daughter, sister, or friend, these simple and elegant charms allow you to build your own story and hang it close to your heart.             The newest addition to my collection, the Sterling Silver ‘MOM’ Disk Charm, is one that I adore so much that I have teamed with up…

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    Advice for my daughter

    On International Women’s Day I think of my daughter and this is my advice to her… Make the decision to be different. Use your unique qualities to inspire others rather than compete with them. Don’t imitate, choose your own passion. Take a new direction and try a brand new path. Pave the way for yourself. Choose goals that are worth the struggle because in the end when you achieve them they will feel that much better in your grasp. Be yourself because nobody else was meant for the role. Celebrate difference. Applaud creativity. Encourage love. Build each other up. Compliment what you like and be smart enough to ignore what…

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    Little love for our classmates

    The kids and I worked on creating simple and sweet valentines for their friends and classmates! One had to be “candy-free” because of school policy so we decided to do a fun Valentie offering a cute saying and gift! The other Valentine my little lady is handing out to her kindergarten class! Kids love lollipops (if candy is allowed). I thought “I’m a sucker for you” would make the kids giggle! I printed the cards from home and used a Google app called “Fotor” to create them. It offers free templates and the ability to custom design your project! The bouncy balls came from the $3.00 section at Target and the…

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    Simple Halloween Craft

    With Halloween quickly approaching the kids and I wanted to create a simple and spooky gift idea for teachers and friends.  It’s a fun and easy to do craft. Especially if your little trick-or-treaters are as excited and busy as mine! Prep, creation, clean-up and drying all in under 20 minutes! The Supplies: 1 Mason Jar 5 Small bags of candy (we went with spooky eyeballs) Ribbon Fake Spider Hot Glue The Process: Fill mason jar with candy. Screw top on the mason jar and place spider. Hot glue your spider in wherever you see fitting. Allow glue to dry. Finish by tying off with a festive ribbon.

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    Project Undercover “A Taste of Summer.”

    For those of you who have never heard of Project Undercover prepare to be amazed. In the state of Rhode Island alone over 45,000 children don’t have access to clean, new underwear, socks and diapers. Project undercover provides these bare necessities to children living in poverty. This amazing organization aims in 2015 to provide 1 million diapers and 180,000 pairs of socks and underwear to over two dozen partner agencies in Providence and around the state. Their belief is that every children deserves a clean, dry bottom and I couldn’t agree more! Last night I had the pleasure or working and attending “A taste of summer.”  It was Project Undercover’s annual…

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    Bikinis by “OP” Ocean Pacific

    Finally, bikini weather! It has been the longest winter here on the east coast and now it’s time to shed layers and enjoy this short, but amazing summer we have! I remember wearing OP (Ocean Pacific) when I was kid. The suit were similar to what they are now. Fun and bright colors. When I became a mother I bought their swim shirts for my son. They were great colors, fun prints, and affordable enough that I could buy several so once they got wet and I had a chilly beach or poolside baby I could swap a wet one for a dry! As an adult, I don’t think I ever…